Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to restrain soil where there is a desired change in ground . These walls are used in terrains possessing an undesired slope or in areas where landscaping needs to be severely sloped for specific reasons. There are different materials used to construct a retaining wall. So depending on your required purpose, look and budget depends on what type of retaining wall you could choose.

The most popular type of retaining wall is an Allan Block wall this type of block is manufactured from a high strength concrete It is a stackable block which can be stack straight up and down or on a slight angle to compensate increased soil pressure. If you are just wanting to create a garden bed with a low wall this would be an ideal choice as you can get this block in a wide range of styles, colours, finishing's and caps to meet your needs. An Allan Block wall is budget friendly and gives you an exquisite finish.

As an alternative to a traditional concrete block wall you can choose natural stone these walls are known as rock walls. A rock wall is a carefully engineered system that wage an ongoing battle with gravity these walls are constructed using natural stone which are dry stacked to keep a natural look to your landscape or you can choose a gabion wall which can be a nice landscaping feature as well as a method of retaining material this method can be used to hold a small slope or a large slope and can be stacked in various shapes; they are also resistant to being washed away by moving water. There are many different ways of a gabion wall from different cages which are designed for lock and durability you can even fill the cages with rock for the natural look or with top soil so you can place vegetation for a more eco friendly appearance.

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