Paving Stones

As a homeowner you want your hardstanding areas to be looking good year round. Paving stones or also known as brick paving is a decorative method of creating an elegant walkway, patio or driveway. The benefits of using this type of stone/brick over other materials such as concrete or asphalt is that it stands better over time in all weather conditions. As an individual stone/brick it can be lifted up and replaced making repair work easy to carry out and not leaving a lasting mark after replacement. This type of stone/brick is also easy to maintain and keep clean. There are many different laying patterns that can be achieve for that ideal decorative look. The most common patterns are a 90 degree herringbone pattern, setting bricks at a 45 degree angle or runner bond, setting stone/bricks side by side.

There are many other popular types of patterns depending upon what look you are wishing to achieve. You have a wide choice of different stones/bricks to choose from including: Standard, Estate Stone, Pacific Slate Finish, Old Country Stone, Villa Stone, Flagstone, Pizza Series and Venetian Cobbles these stones come in a variety of different colours and by inserting a different coloured stone/brick you can also make a more dramatic feature in your walkway, patio or driveway.

Hydrapressed concrete slabs are a practical choice for their strength and durability while not losing that look of elegance to your outdoor space. The Hydrapressed slabs are manufactured by using 400 tons of hydraulic pressure resulting into a cured paving slab which are made to precision sizes with a chamfered top edge for a neat appearance .The method of installation is either using the sand set method or by using adjustable pedestals which allows for sloping and levelling as required. The pedestal installation is the ideal choice when you are looking for that alternative finishing to your deck space. You have a wide variety of colours, finishes and sizes which can be interchanged to produce a greater design for your outdoor space.

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